Chingu Cohort – Voyage 6: "The News Aggregator"

Managing and contributing as a Front-end developer with a remote group of motivated developers who are working on a build-to-learn project (News Aggregator app). Personal focus on the React front-end and back-end integration

The Recipes

The recipes was a Codefirstgirls' project created by me and my partner-Jenifer in the course. We used basic HTML and CSS to build a website where users can use our recipes to make use of their leftovers at home.

Rainbow Calculator

The calculator is built on some magic called javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. It turned out awesome !!

World Cup 2018

Test and train your memory skills with the game that comes with the footbal spirit.

The Hangman Game

The game that I created using Javascript and HTML.

Twitch Live Streaming

I am still working on this project to make it looks prettier.


The app allows users to take pictures of the food that they are throwing away. The app then compiles statistics and weekly reports about what have been wasting the most. In this app, my main role is doing some users research in order to creat an app that is truly relevant to users and easy to use.
Wasteless app is still currently in WIP