Chingu Cohort – Voyage 6: "The News Aggregator"

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My role:

I am working as a developer on the Front-End as well as the Project Manager on a News Aggregator web-app.
My focus on designing and building the single-page React front-end whilst defining and connecting to the Express (Node.js) server – with article data stored in a Mongo Database. This caching of headlines allows multiple browsers to view data without without calling so many requests to the News API. Users are able to search by key words, filter the categories and the results will be displayed in a timeline.

Link To Our Github Repo

Main responsibilities:

Design based on UX tools (Wireframes etc) and UI implementation (HTML, CSS with flexbox) for different responsive layouts.

Designing and contributing ideas to user and component work-flow.

Building a responsive dynamic web-app using React.js and Javascript.

Organising meetings and prioritising the user stories/tasks in Sprints.

Project Management

System Component Diagram

Wireframes design